Month: January 2024


Automatic Transmission Fits 00 VOLVO 40 SERIES 227926

Automatic Transmission Fits 00 VOLVO 40 SERIES 227926. 148000 (0 = not available or unknown). 4DR, WHT, 1.9L, AT, FLR USED TRANSMISSION. This Part Will Fit These Makes And Models With These Options. VOLVO 40 SERIES 00 AT. Parts Grading A standard code system is used to communicate the condition and quality of a part […]

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2018-2020 INFINITI QX60 Engine 75K 3.5L VQ35DD Warranty Tested OEM 2019

INFINITI QX60 2017 -2017 3.5L (VIN D, 4th digit, VQ35DD). INFINITI QX60 2018 -2020 (3.5L, VIN D, 4th digit, VQ35DD). Option Type: (3.5L, VIN D, 4th digit, VQ35DD). PATHFINDER 2017 -2020 (3.5L, VIN D, 4th digit, VQ35DD).

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A limited lifetime warranty and a 90-day Safe & Sound Guarantee are included

Starter Cable (B8A36D) by East PennĀ®. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by East Penn features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. You can expect honesty and fairness if the unexpected happens.

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2016-2019 TOYOTA PRIUS Engine 79K 1.8L VIN FU 2ZRFXE Warranty Tested OEM 2017

Option Type: gasoline, 1.8L (2ZRFXE engine), Prius (VIN FU, 7th and 8th digits), VIN A (5th digit). COROLLA 2021 -2022 Sedan, 1.8L, VIN A (5th digit, 2ZRFXE engine, hybrid). COROLLA 2020 -2020 Sedan, 1.8L, VIN B (5th digit, 2ZRFXE engine, hybrid).

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2017-2018 TOYOTA COROLLA IM Engine 86K Hatchback 1.8L 2ZRFAE Warranty OEM

Option Type: (Htbk), (1.8L, VIN A, 5th digit, 2ZRFAE engine). SCION IM 2016 -2016 (1.8L, VIN A, 5th digit, 2ZRFAE engine). COROLLA IM 2017 -2018 (Htbk), (1.8L, VIN A, 5th digit, 2ZRFAE engine).

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Edox Delfin Automatic Day Date 88005-3CA-NIN Box and warranty included

97-98% Top Mint Almost no signs of use. 91-92% Excellent Many scratches and dirt. No problem for use. 86-90% Good Many big scratches and dirt. 80-85% For Parts As-is. It does not work normally.

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Used Alternator fits 2013 Ford f150 pickup 6.2L 150 amp ID CC3T-10300-AA G

We distribute Alternator’s. This is a recycled product. Unless specified as Universal this is a direct fit Alternator. 6.2L 150 amp ID CC3T-10300-AA. The engine types may include 6.2L 6210CC 379Cu.

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2015-2016 ACURA TLX Engine 78K 2.4L FWD Warranty OEM

TLX 2015 -2016 (US market), 2.4L (VIN 1, 6th digit, FWD). Option Type: (US market), 2.4L (VIN 1, 6th digit, FWD). Great care is taken to ensure that our used engines are tested, dependable, and made affordable.

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2016 SUBARU LEGACY Engine 2.5L 106K VIN A 6th digit AT CVT Warranty Tested OEM

LEGACY 2016 -2016 2.5L, VIN D (6th digit), AT (CVT). LEGACY 2016 -2016 2.5L, VIN A (6th digit), AT (CVT). Option Type: 2.5L, VIN A (6th digit), AT (CVT).

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2017-2018 ACURA MDX Engine 63K Gasoline 3.5L AWD Warranty Tested OEM

MDX 2017 -2018 gasoline, 3.5L, VIN 3 (6th digit, FWD). MDX 2017 -2018 gasoline, 3.5L, VIN 4 (6th digit, AWD). MDX 2016 -2016 (3.5L), VIN 4 (6th digit, AWD). MDX 2016 -2016 (3.5L), VIN 3 (6th digit, FWD).

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